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Are you looking for an ideal funeral service that caters to the customs and rituals of a Catholic family? Then Golden Gate Funerals is your company of choice. At Golden Gate Funerals we provide world-class services to customers of all faith with compassion, humility, and honesty. Our catholic funeral services are trusted across Melbourne and over the years we have formed long-lasting relationships with our customers through our exemplary services.

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Our team of dedicated workers is well-versed in the faith-specific customs of many cultures. They ensure that our catholic funeral services are in line with the Mass of Christian Burial. While conducting the last rites, our funeral directors keep in mind that this is very important for the mourners who believe that the soul is permanent while the body dies. With our services, you have the choice to cremate or bury the body of your loved one.

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Skilled catholic funeral directors in Melbourne

A funeral director is your most important point of contact for carrying out a memorable funeral.

Following are the roles and responsibilities of a catholic funeral director:

  • Whatever the situation of death, i.e., at home or hospital or under unexpected circumstances, our catholic funeral directorscarry out all procedural and legal formalities. This is particularly essential for the bereaved family who might not be in a position to undertake such stress at a delicate time.
  • The funeral directors also help transport the body to our mortuary where it will be kept with utmost respect until the funeral.
  • Before the funeral rites start, a funeral director helps to embalm and prepare the body for the vigil and memorial services.
  • Along with a Catholic priest, a Catholic funeral director will help you make important decisions about the funeral at every step like choosing proper garments for the body, caskets, coffins, etc.
  • The funeral directors also look upon sitting arrangements, flower requirements, music choices, memorial eulogies, obituaries, and funeral announcements.

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catholic funeral directors melbourne
catholic funerals in melbourne

Our Catholic funeral services include:

  • Vigil or wake: The viewing usually occurs at the home of the loved one or funeral home, mostly the night before the funeral. The body is prepared for viewing as per Catholic funeral rites and the priest along with the mourners recite the Rosary and pray for the peace of the departed soul.
  • Funeral: This is the main funeral ceremony that takes place in the church. It may or may not involve a mass. The priest prays and blesses the casket, accompanied by hymns and music.
  • Committal rites: This is the last rite that involves burial or the interment of the body. The body is carried to the cemetery and amidst prayers, the mourners can choose to sprinkle earth on the coffin before burying.

Grief is a natural emotion and we know it is not easy to overcome. Our catholic funeral directors can direct you to our company grief counselor. This is a free service for our customers available 24×7. We are committed to helping you say your final goodbyes to your loved ones in a peaceful and gentle way.

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