When Death Occurs At Home

First – call your doctor

Once the doctor satisfies legalities regarding cause of death, and identity of your loved one (e.g. the loved one must have been treated by the same doctor within the previous six months) a medical certificate, Cause of Death Certificate, will be issued.

Please note it is also not uncommon that the doctor may request that the emergency services come along to the house such as police and paramedics just as a precaution.

Second – call the funeral director

This may be done at the same time or just after the doctor being contacted as we can assist right from the very beginning. Following the issuance of the certificate, the funeral director will transport your loved one to one of our customer care facilities. Our facilities are in Melton, Clifton Hill, Moorabbin or Oakleigh

When the doctor is unable to issue a death certificate

Under certain circumstances the attending doctor may not issue a death certificate. The doctor may not have known or attended your loved one within the past six months or the exact cause of death may need to be reviewed. In this case, certification becomes a Coroner’s matter.

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