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Are you looking for someone to guide you through the most befitting funeral for your loved one? Are you looking for traditional Italian funeral services in Melbourne that is not only reliable but also affordable?

Then your search ends here. We at Golden Gate Funerals bring to you experienced and compassionate Italian funeral directors for the most subtle and memorable funeral service. With years of experience in the funeral business, our main aim is to provide you solace and the comfort of conducting an easy and decorous funeral. Our team is specialized in organizing funeral services for families of all faith and religions with attention to details about specific customs and rituals.

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We provide some of the best Italian funeral directors in Melbourne who are well-versed with the funeral requirements of an Italian Catholic family. Right from transporting the body to our mortuary to taking care of the smallest details for a smooth funeral process, our Italian funeral directors take care of all your preferences and wishes. All details like date, time, venue of the funeral, choice of the pall, casket, and coffin, eulogy, etc. are duly noted and carried out by our experienced funeral directors.

Top Italian funeral services in Melbourne

One of the most significant aspects of our Italian funeral directors is that they are bilingual and can assist you in both Italian and English. They understand all the required customs for a traditional Italian funeral service. Following are some of the Italian funeral services they can assist you with:

  • Taking care of the paperwork and legal formalities as and when required.
  •  Rosary recital either the night before the funeral service or on the day of the funeral before Mass.
  •  Viewing or vigil of the loved one where the body is prepared and presented in the most subtle and dignified way.
  • Arranging Mass booklet as well as Santini cards in both English and Italian for the attendees.
  • Assistance to the priests and family members during pallbearing, the procession from the church to the cemetery, and the last rites.
  • Arranging a solemn memorial service for your loved one with beautiful memorial eulogies.
  • Choosing the appropriate flower arrangement and music for different purposes before, during, and after the funeral.
  • Creating tributes and obituaries for your loved one.

Our Italian funeral directors promise professionalism and humility when they organize this extremely important event for you.

Why choose our services?

We at Golden Gate Funerals take pride in the fact that by offering the best funeral services, we create long-lasting relationships with our customers and their families.

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Sorrow becomes a part of life after the loss of a loved one and as such, it might not be easy to overcome it. One of the most important jobs of our Italian funeral directors in Melbourne is to connect you with our resident counselor. Our grief counselor will not only help you manage your sorrow but will also connect you with appropriate organizations when required. This is a free service that we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whenever you are in distress and need of our services, you are just a call away. Call us at 0435 831 412 or email us at today.

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