Our Role

Our role as your customer care advisor is to provide the following services:

Our trained and compassionate staff will organise to meet with the family and next of kin to advise the options that are available.

We will arrange for collection of your loved one from place of death or coroners office and arrange all necessary papers required for legal purposes. Your loved one will then be transported with absolute care, respect and dignity by our mortuary transfer team and taken to one of 4 of our state of the art mortuary facilities. Our facilities are in Melton, Clifton Hill, Moorabbin or Oakleigh, where all necessary care and preparation will take place, once it is established whether your loved one is to be buried, cremated or prepared for transportation to another state or country for burial or cremation.

Once it is established on the type of service that is required the appropriate bookings can be made.

Your customer care advisor will see to every detail that you have requested to personally, All the while keeping you the client family in the loop the whole time ensuring that everything is to the satisfactory of both yourself and Golden Gate Funerals and we won’t sit for anything less.

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